Dear Visitor,

Nyitra Primary School was founded in 1956. It is situated in the eastern part of Szombathely in a pleasant, peaceful and quiet place with a large yard and can be approached easily.

Our school has had bilingual (English-Hungarian ) education since September 2005.

The aim of this education is improving both native and foreign language skills, teaching students to learn and to process information in English and making them able to go on their studies and work either in Hungarian or in English.

Learning bilingually at early age forms students’ international perspective as well. English is the  most common language of communication among people of different nationalities.

We strive to provide a natural English environment for the students to develope their language skills. They study Science, Crafts and Physical Education in English from the first year. Then they study cultural relations instead of Crafts from the 5th year and in the 7th year Geograpy, Biology and Cultural Relations are taught in English. For these subjects we use books of the target language. Above all every student has 5 English language lessons a week one of them are held by a native speaker.

We also show full attentivness of the Hungarian language and Culture.

We offer a wide range of out-of- school programmes to our students to make use of their free time. We consider sports and cultural activities especially important; therefore, there is a selection of study-circles, craft classes and sport clubs to make the school life more colourful/enjoyable.

During the learning and teaching process in the bilingual education, our students are tested many times. At the end of the 6th and 8th grades they take competence and state language tests, in the 4th grade there is a local placement test to see on which level the children are.

We also provide for them the possibility to travel to the target language country so that they can expand their language knowledge as well as they get acquainted with English culture and customs. Besides trips, to achieve our aims, we organise poetry reciting competitions and different English project days in the school. We also encourage students to take part in competitions and drama festivals.

Our highly qualified teachers, the good infrastructure (well-equipped classrooms, IT lab, library, science lab and gymnasium) provide high-level of education. The library of the school supports the instructive-educational work and it is a great place for the out-of-class activities with a huge selection of printed and electronical documents.

The Pedagogical Programme of the Nyitra Street Elementary School articulates our most important aim:

“We want a school where the consequence of the inner atmosphere and the fruitful joint work not only the teacher but also the students are able to enjoy …”

Közeledő események:
Nyitra Utcai Általános Iskola 2005 szeptemberétől magyar-angol két tanítási nyelvű oktatást biztosít. A két tanítási nyelvű oktatás célja, hogy az anyanyelvi és az idegen nyelvi tudást kiegyensúlyozottan fejlessze, a tanulókat megtanítsa az idegen nyelven való tanulásra, az idegen nyelvű információk feldolgozására, a tanulók alkalmassá váljanak arra, hogy tanulmányaikat akár magyarul, akár idegen nyelven folytassák, illetve szakmájukat mind a két nyelven gyakorolják.
CROM Robotikai Klub
A klub célja, hogy tehetséges, érdeklődő gyerekek számára robotikai, elektronikai, programozási területen lehetőséget biztosítson az érdeklődésüknek megfelelő korszerű ismeretek magasabb szintű elsajátítására.